W.K.W. Willi K. Wagner GmbH

With a long tradition, a strong partner of the specialised trade in the medical, dental and veterinary sector.


We are the partner of local specialized distributors in the medical, dental and veterinary sectors. Our focus is on marketing and sales of high-quality products manufactured by well-known family-owned German companies.

We operate for all our brands in Northern Germany and act as the authorised sales representation for Dr. MACH and MWM in Scandinavia, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Baltic States.


Our international activities focus on the dental-, medical-, veterinary-, beauty- and podologic field and the distribution of medical lighting systems.

As the authorised sales representation office for company Dr. MACH we supply:

  • LED operation lamps
  • LED examination lights
  • OR video systems

Stainless steel products for hygiene and many more applications are provided from company MWM:

  • Glove & masks dispenser
  • Individual solutions made from stainless steel


In order to ensure optimal availability and service of our products to our end users, all products are distributed by local dealers specialized in the field of medical engineering, dentistry (dental depots), medical or veterinary supplies.

Rising standards in the medical and dental field – not only those required by law – ask for continuous changes that our suppliers and partners have to face. We only sell first-class quality products that, in addition to the requirements stipulated by law, contribute to the protection, safety and well-being of the practice, the clinic and hospital staff and the patients.


In cooperation with our suppliers and distribution partners we also provide and can organise comprehensive technical service (planning, installation, training, maintenance and repair of medical equipment) to our customers.

Our promise

Competence, reliability, customer orientation, trust – Quality made in Germany. The basis for our business relationships.